Photography has been an important part of my life.  It is a means for self-expression and creative fulfillment.  My subject matter is diverse and my projects shift as I grow and have new experiences.  


As of late, I am captivated by the visual texture in everyday objects.  Their chaordic nature interests me and I find beauty within them.  These images are often captured while on one of my countless dérives (drifts).  I am fascinated by psychogeography and the ways in which the environment can effect one’s emotions.  I am often drawn to naturally occurring patterns and textures left behind after human contact such as graffiti or from natural deterioration such as old weathered advertisements.  These traces prompt me to consider what these areas may have been like in the past and what memories are linked to them.  Within my images I try and examine the struggle present between beauty and the grotesque.

Although photography has been my primary medium for expression, I am currently experimenting with others as a way of understanding my visual world.